Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stirring Up Strife-Jennifer Stanley

Stirring Up Strife
Jennifer Stanley
Minotaur, Dec 29 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780312376857

After her boyfriend of five years broke up with her, Cooper Lee moves into the garage apartment on her family’s estate; as she needs their support. She fixes office machines for Make It Work. A client of the firm of the credit card company Capital City, Brooke Hughes, lost her wedding ring in a copier. When Cooper arrives to find the ring, Brooke talks to her, something few customers do. Brooke finds the ring and some paper stored in a weird place. She places the paper in her work case planning to toss the paper later. A grateful Brooke Invites Cooper to come to the Hope Street Church services and meet some good people at the Sunrise Bible Study.

At the first session she attends, Cooper and the other people she meets are stunned to learn that Brooke was murdered with her husband arrested for the crime. The group rejects the notion her spouse killed her. Brooke hopes the shredded paper offers a clue as to why Brooke seemed nervous when they met, as f she was afraid of someone. On the papers is the name Hazel; Cooper visits Brooke’s assistant who explains the woman complained about her account being wrong. Cooper and the motley Hope Street Sunrise Bible Study posse investigate the homicide.

Although this fun amateur sleuth starts off a bit slow as the herd of characters are being introduced, readers will be hooked to learn what motivates each member of the group. Cooper is surprised and feels fickle that she is interested in one of the Sunrisers Nathan although she conceals her attraction to him. Jennifer Stanley provides an entertaining mystery with a strong lead character and a solid eccentric support crew.

Harriet Klausner

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