Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Breach-Patrick Lee

The Breach
Patrick Lee
Harper, Dec 29 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780061584459

A former Minnesota cop who became a convict due to a crime of passion, Travis Chase served his time and left the Lower Forty-eight to start over in the Yukon though he is unsure what he will do. Hiking along in the remote wilderness, Travis comes across a wrecked jet that for the most part stayed intact. Shockingly, the crew and passengers did not die in the crash, but from assassinations; the dead died from bullet wounds to the head.

He finds a secret compartment containing one passenger who died from the loss of blood, but left a note explaining what happened. Travis cannot fathom why the First Lady was in an unmarked plane flying over the Alaskan wilderness. In her note she gives gruesome instructions to kill all involved even those on our side. However, he disobeys her orders to kill all when he sees the torture of two elderly people even if worldwide destruction may be caused by them. Travis assumes there is another way to save the world from the maniac using a gizmo that grants wishes. If he had the otherworldly artifact he might choose the daughter of a scientist Paige Campbell as his though he admits to himself she can probably take him; but first Tangent top secret department has enlisted Travis to help guard the portal that enables these odd gadgets to come to earth from a technology light-years beyond ours.

Over the top of the North Pole, this is a terrific action-packed thriller with a science fiction time paradox twist. Fans need set aside as the story line is faster than a speeding bullet, light and Indiana Jones. Readers who appreciate action to the nth degree with a body count that is beyond the troposphere will want to go “North to Alaska, north the rush is on”.

Harriet Klausner