Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rich Again-Anna Maxted

Rich Again
Anna Maxted
St. Martin’s Griffin, Dec 22, 2009, $14.99
ISBN: 9780312570286

Headquartered in London, multimillionaire power couple, Jack and Innocence Kent, own a boutique in hotel chains. Their spoiled fourteen year old daughter Emily has decided she will have Lord Timothy and she always gets what she wants. Their older child Claudia was adopted by Jack and his late first wife Felicia, but she has issues.

Two years later, Jack is nearly ruined by a financial scandal; only the quick work of not so innocent Innocence saves their fortune when she transferred his fortune to her. Tim gets Emily pregnant so they marry in Vegas, but his outraged father disowns him. To make shoe money, Emily sells gossip, mostly false, about her and her family to the tabloids. However, the past returns to haunt the Kent family when Nathan adopted by Jack and Felicia who returned when she died, has begun a killing campaign using his guise as a movie star to conceal his obsession to murder everyone Kent.

This is over the top of Big Ben; but it is an enjoyable inane and insane family drama. The killer is cartoonish as he is never developed beyond his need for vengeance. The Kent family fare better as they seem three dimensional especially the way Emily makes a living. Rich Again is silly, overly padded, but decadently fun.

Harriet Klausner