Saturday, May 22, 2010

Snowbound-Blake Crouch

Blake Crouch
Minotaur, Jun 22 2010, $25.99
ISBN: 9780312425739

Rachel Innis works late at the free clinic in Sonnoyta just thirty miles north of the border. She heads home during a thunderstorm, but swerves to avoid a deer on the road. She stops the car, but a man with a crowbar slams at her window.

Her husband Will the Attorney works on a closing brief while waiting for his wife to come home, but dozes off. The cops inform him they found her abandoned vehicle with the driver’s side window smashed and no blood. Will, accompanied by his beloved eleven year old daughter Devlin, a cystic fibrosis victim, leaves as he believes they not just suspect him, the police want to hang him for his legal defense record

Over the next five years, Will and Devlin move around and change identities. Now FBI agent Kalyn Sharp finds Will and explains she knows he is innocent. He agrees to work with the Fed to learn what happened to his still missing wife.

This is an exciting thriller, but readers must leave their credibility meter somewhere as Will comes across extremely illogical especially with his assumption of guilt when he is a lawyer and raking his daughter’s who has a chronic disease when she had family options to keep her safe. Fast-paced throughout, fans will want to know just like Will and Devlin what happened to Rachel.

Harriet Klausner

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