Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's Really Hood!-Victor L. Martin, LaShonda Teague, Bonta, Shawn "Jihad" Trump and Wahida Clark

What's Really Hood!
Victor L. Martin, LaShonda Teague, Bonta, Shawn "Jihad" Trump and Wahida Clark
Grand Central, May 25 2010, $14.99
ISBN: 9780446539166

“Black Is Blue” by Victor L. Martin. In Raleigh, legal assistant Desiree falls in love with Polo the thug. She wants him to go straight while he wants her to walk on the other side.

“The P is Free” by LaShonda Teague. Eighteen years old Wiz is addicted to the money selling drugs makes him. Crystal had it all including two years at Rutgers until she met crack. They fall love, but she realizes they are destroying each other, but she is doubtful whether she can stop her addiction to save their souls.

“The Last Laugh” by Bonta. The Eight-Trey street gangbanger Bobo goes to see his five year old daughter, but her mama tall Carla beats him up for his dallying with Tasha. Others are after him too over Tasha; the streets are turning meaner for BoBo.

“All For Nothing” by Shawn "Jihad" Trump. In McKeesport, the Point Blank Mob learns one of their members is facing a long sentence due to an informant wearing a wire. An affront to one is an affront to all so they go after the bi*ch who started the war even if law enforcement is coming for the gang. Jihad, like most of the crew with one exception, chooses fight over flight.

“Makin' Endz Meet” by Wahida Clark. Nina is tired of men using her like Cream just did. She vows no more, but Reese seems different; still she wants to get her child back with her friend Michelle as the only person she trusts.

This is a strong urban collection of life at its realistic meanest in the hood. Each entry is bloody while containing strong lead characters and a solid cast who bring to life What’s Really Hood!

Harriet Klausner

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