Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clutches and Curses-Dorothy Howell

Clutches and Curses
Dorothy Howell
Kensington, May 31 2011, $22.00
ISBN: 9780758253309

Haley Randolph feels her life is on track since Ty Cameron, co-owner of Holt’s Department Store, is now her official boyfriend. That does not stop him from leaving her at a moment’s notice to go to work. She does not depend on him because she knows he might not be there in time to help her. When a customer asks Haley for help, she ignores the woman. Irate the lady places a curse on Haley. Shortly thereafter she is almost killed from plaster falling. Holt’s opening a new store in Vegas so Haley leaves town to help get the place operational.

When she enters a dressing room, Haley finds the corpse of former schoolmate Courtney Collins. Haley had contacted Courtney so that they could get together in Vegas, but what she really wants Is first shot of a new bag that a high couture designer created. The police suspect Haley because they know she did not like the victim. Tired of being the one and only suspect, Haley investigates, but her inquiry leads to a second homicide that she believes ties to the first murder. If she figures out that missing link, she will identify the killer.

Dorothy Howell is known for her lighthearted amateur sleuth tales starring an intriguing fashionista who forgets about Ty in times of need. Although she does not believe in curses, she reconsiders as sh*t happens to her so turns to a psychic listed in the Yellow Pages. Although Haley has been a suspect before (see Purses and Poison, and Handbags and Homicides) readers will enjoy her antics to lift the curse that she does not believe exists and find the culprit because pinstripes will not go well with her hair.

Harriet Klausner

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