Saturday, April 2, 2011

Into the Night-Janelle Denison

Into the Night
Janelle Denison
St. Martin’s, Mar 29 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780312372279

In Vegas, Nathan Fox works as a surveillance supervisor at the Onyx Hotel and Casino. He also does double duty for his Onyx boss Caleb Roux, as Nathan uses his experience on LVPD to perform special assignments as a member the Reliance Group. Caleb assigns Nathan to retrieve Angela, the teenage runaway daughter of a recently retired marine LIC Tom Ramsey. Apparently, affluent fiftyish Preston Sloane has the underage girl at his exclusive nearby estate. Nathan believes he owes the pompous pervert from his days working on the Metro Vice Squad.

Nathan and reporter Nicole Hutton share what each thought would be a one night stand. However, Nicole has personal reasons to expose the vicious predator of troubled teen girls. Thus, the reporter and the security expert team up with rescuing a girl and destroying a beast; but soon realize the case is much more convoluted than they first thought even factoring in their attraction for one another.

This is an exhilarating romantic suspense that besides the fast-paced story line also introduces the audience to The Reliance Group. Loaded with action, fans will anticipate the showdown between the lead couple and the malevolent sex offender although the latter’s late reactions seems foolish for such a successful cretin. Still the opening TRG is a super read.

Harriet Klausner

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