Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking a Stand- Ken Casper

Taking a Stand

Ken Casper

Bell Bridge, Dec 23 2011, $13.95

ISBN: 9781611940879

In Coyote Springs, Texas, developers Winslow Carr and Burton Hazlitt plan to tear down the slummy barrio and replace it with an affluent resort. The only roadblock is local resident Jesse Amorado, owner of a construction company and six houses in the designated zone. He could use the money offered by Carr and Hazlitt and understands his neighborhood needs desperate renovation, but he rejects their offer on principal that his friends and neighbors will have no place to live once their homes are bull-dozed.

Winslow’s daughter Tori resigns her Air Force officer commission to fly home. She agrees to help her father with his business until she obtains a pilot’s position at an airline. While, Burton wants to renew their relationship, she says no. Meanwhile, Tori learns of Jesse’s plans and seeks a way for her father and the local builder to each have their dream met. However, as they fall in love, someone makes Jesse look dangerous and felonious while his family, having survived the tragic drive-by murder of his brother, but even when they live on a nearby ranch they are threatened.

The latest Coyote Springs romantic suspense (see As The Crow Dies) is an exciting action-packed thriller starring a strong cast who bring to life real urban development issues re the poor. Although the villain is obvious from the start, readers will relish this engaging tale as tenacious caring Tori seeks a viable solution to the problems keeping the two men she loves from reaching an agreement.

Harriet Klausner

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