Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Witness-Nora Roberts

The Witness

Nora Roberts

Putnam, Apr 17 2012, $27.95

ISBN: 9780399159121

In Bickford, Arkansas, beautiful, brilliant Abigail Lowery keeps to herself in her fortified house on the outskirts of the remote Ozarks town. The hermit intermingles with townsfolk only when she has no choice as she prefers to remain inside her mini fortress. Her abode contains several locks on the door and windows, a self-developed top of the line security system that the White House would envy, and carries a gun especially when leaving her fort. Her sole companion is her sentry dog Bigg who will kill at her signal.

Police Chief Brooks Gleason realizes Abigail is hiding from someone behind her barriers. He cares about her so he refuses to keep his distance. Instead Brooks breaks down her personal fortifications until Abigail confides in him. In 2003 she witnessed a murder by the Volkov branch of the Russian mafia. Brooks assists Abigail in using the information she gathered since the homicide to bring down the Volkov family. She agrees to testify against them, but the mob has contacts inside key federal and state agencies. Brooks risks his life to protect Abigail so she can one day soon live outside of a gilded cage.

Nora Roberts writes an outstanding romantic suspense as the resolute hero peels away the defenses of the beleaguered woman in peril until they risk their lives to fight for their love. The storyline starts with sixteen years old Abigail who tries to break out of the rigid controlling rules of a strict martinet mother who demands total obedience. After becoming the reluctant Witness, she learns you sometimes get what you wish for; as she switches jails while the Russians are coming and only her canine and her beloved have her back.

Harriet Klausner

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