Friday, March 16, 2012

Boneyard 11-Linton Robinson

Boneyard 11

Linton Robinson

CreateSpace, Jan 25 2012, $9.99

ISBN: 9781469951768

Drug lord Gaspar feels lonely while in Boneyard 11. His wife divorced him and he knows no family member especially his tweener daughter Magdalena and his other kids will visit him; while his gang is banned from any contact. He needs civilian company so Gaspar arranges to marry thirtyish Nan the hooker. This way she can make conjugal monthly visits to him in the Boneyard and he can use her to pass messages with his Chicano gang.

While cops at all level pressure her and try to manipulate her in any way they can, Nan and Gaspar forge a fond relationship as they begin to know one another. Sean Reach and Ray Ray Mobley think they can use her to make Gaspar a permanent prison resident, but she is smarter than they realize. Soon she becomes the target of law enforcement and a drug war between gangs who care not one iota when children die. When someone stabs her spouse, Nan needs to decide whether to watch him die in the hospital or save his life by bringing about a reconciliation with his children.

Boneyard 11 is an action-packed thriller, but clearly character driven mostly by Nan. She is terrific as she learns to live life to the fullest means adhering to her code of ethics, which brings with it hope for something better. The support cast including her mom, the law, the gangs and her spouse are cynics until her seemingly angelic naivety whimsically touch a part of them they thought withered and died. Linton Robinson writes a fascinating but gory tale of a woman of strange influence.

Harriet Klausner

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