Saturday, March 3, 2012

Die By Wire-Lewis Purdue

Die By Wire

Lewis Purdue

CreateSpace, Dec14 2011, $14.99

ISBN: 978-1468018813

In 2003 in Al-Kut, Iraq, Army Provost marshal Corporal Mira Longbow knows when she fell in love with her superior officer Sergeant Jackson Day. It was during a firefight against the Mahdi army ending with the disaster of an errant jihadi missile in which a soldier pushed her onto Day’s prone body, saving his life though he died three times. Sometime after that the horrible deaths of her sister and newborn nephew from bacteria in Elmira and a kangaroo military court left Mira to believe God and the rear brass didn’t give a damn.

In the present, Mira is in Amsterdam on a mission to assassinate shipping mogul Khan Nasiri, the chief of an international child bride trafficking cartel. After a bloody incident with a female jihadist and appeasing sycophant Inspector Harsten, she returns to her task. However, Mira comes across something sinister and brilliant; a high tech jihad by remotely changing fly-by-wire aircraft will make 9/11 seem minor. At the same time Army's Asymmetric Warfare Command Captain Jackson Day comes to Amsterdam from the Middle East seeking Mira’s help in translating a recording at a remote Iranian locale. Nasiri is the matchmaker who connects their quests.

This is an action-packed thriller that grips the audience with the powerful premise of a cyber-attack as Richard Clarke the former anti-terrorism czar has said may be the next Jihad, and the governments rationalizing the trafficking of children as a cultural matter. The lead protagonists are dedicated warriors who have no patience for armchair generals; their romance plays second fiddle with the battle against Nasiri. Fast-paced from the shootout in Iraq until the final confrontation, Lewis Purdue writes a sensational soaring story that fans will relish.

Harriet Klausner

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