Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Housesitter-Cynthia Baxter

The Housesitter

Cynthia Baxter

Dark Corridors/SLM Bookworks, 2012, $12.99

ISBN: 9781614620037

John Quinn advertises for a house and cat sitter while he is away on an extended business trip in Minneapolis. He asks applicant Megan Quinn why she wants the job. Megan says she came from the East Coast to work at Hayworth Insurance last year. She lost her job due to downsizing at the same time her sublease in West Hollywood ran out. Though unsure why, Megan tells him about the drowning death of her cousin in New Jersey when they were children. Finally she states she sleeps on her friend’s couch. He thinks she is perfect and hires her.

Megan moves into the upscale house with a wonderful swimming pool. She quickly finds she loves John’s home and is bewitched by precious Endora the Maine coon. However, she also has a sense that someone is watching her. When strange events occur inside of John’s house, Megan initially writes them off, but soon fears someone stalks her, which worries her about her and Endora’s safety.

The Housekeeper is a terrific twisting psychological thriller starring a strong protagonist, a charming feline, a wonderfully isolated home, John and an unknown stalker. Action-packed with bumps in the night, the storyline feels in some way like a modern day gothic in Pasadena. Fans will enjoy Cynthia’s Baxter’s dark tale with a stunning late spin as anyone considering being a Housesitter will demand hazardous duty pay.

Harriet Klausner

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