Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Risk Agent-Ridley Pearson

The Risk Agent

Ridley Pearson

Putnam, Jun 19 2012, $25.95

ISBN 9780399158834

The Rutherford Risk firm performs security for the humongous Berthold Group construction conglomerate. When two employers of Berthold are kidnapped on the streets of Shanghai in daylight, Rutherford Risk hires city based importer John Knox and forensic accountant Grace Chu to rescue them as the company knows the risk of sleuthing, an illegal activity in China. Knox accepts the job because he needs the money to provide a good life for his learning disabled brother Tommy and besides one of the abductees is a friend Clete Danner; Grace agrees to take on the job because the other victim is her friend Lu Hao.

Each brings uniqueness to the pairing as they follow the money trail. As time runs out on the kidnappers’ deadline, every step closer to saving the lives of the missing pair proves dangerous to Knox and Chu. Yet while he worries about what will happen to Tommy if he dies, he trusts no one not even their client or his partner; she shares his distrusting mantra. However, not relying on one another proves even more perilous.

This is a great suspense thriller as Ridley Pearson provides a dynamic look at Shanghai. The support cast is sold, but it is the refreshing duet of opposites in personality (he believes charge the hill while she thinks finesse is smarter) who understands that as a team they can succeed, but first comes trust something neither gives away willingly. This is a great opening act as the activities of Knox and Chu give fans a vivid picture of Shanghai.

Harriet Klausner

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