Thursday, December 11, 2008

Booby Trap-Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich

Booby Trap
Sue Ann Jaffarian
Midnight Ink, Feb 2009, $13.95
ISBN 9780738713502

Lillian Ramsey asks her friend plus size paralegal Odelia Grey for her help. Upset, Lillian explains that her son, renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Brian Eddy has been accused of being the serial killing Blond Bomber, who has terrorized Southern California for the past year leaving behind etched on the corpse the word “whore”. Odelia, having solved homicides before (see Thugs and Kisses), agrees to investigate.

As always Odelia receives assistance from her wheelchair-bound spouse Greg Stevens and her anal-retentive obsessive attorney boss Mike Steele. However what she learns makes her wonder if perhaps Brian is guilty. He and his wife Jane Sharp apparently knew four of the female victims. Meanwhile Gordon Harper, the former husband of one of the Blond Bomber’s victims, seems to be everywhere that Lillian is as he seeks the killer too.

The second Odelia Grey amateur sleuth (see THUGS AND KISSES) is a fun whodunit that entertains the audience with an exciting investigation and with amusing commentary especially between the para legal and her husband and her boss. The fast-paced story line grips the reader from the moment a desperate Lillian begs Odelia to prove her son’s innocence. Though some purists might insist she should have hired a professional private eye and Odelia should not volunteer to look for a serial killer, fans will enjoy the escapades of the heroine as she takes on the Blond Bomber.

Harriet Klausner