Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Promises in Death-J.D. Robb

Promises in Death
J.D. Robb
Putnam, Feb 2009, $26.95
ISBN: 9780399155482

She gets a phone call and leaves the house almost instantly afterward with her two guns on her person. Her weapons do not help her as she is ambushed on the stairwell by someone she recognizes. She is brought to the basement where she is revived before she is killed. The year is 2060 and NYPD Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas catches the case.

Eve arrives at the crime scene and examines the body before turning it over. To her horror, she recognizes the victim as veteran Detective Amarylis Coltraine who recently joined the New York City police force from Atlanta. Ammy broke off with her boyfriend Alex Riker, the son of psychopathic killer Max, whom Eve and her husband Roarke got put away on an off planet cage Alex, who is in New York coincidently swears he never killed anyone hen Eve questions him . . The killer taunts Eve by sending her Ammy’s badge and guns with an attached gloating letter. Determined Eve investigates seemingly anyone who knew Ammy which include peers in the two police departments, former lovers, and even current boyfriend Chief Medical Examiner Morris, and friends. Eve concludes to hers shock that the hit was carried out by two un-subs in what is an ever widening conspiracy.

J.D. Robb writes another sublime futuristic police procedural starring the heroine who after numerous cases (books) still believes strongly in justice for the victims and will go the extra kilometers to achieve her objective. The returning characters like the ME play critical roles in Eve’s investigation while Roarke plays a somewhat lesser part than usual though he as always there for his beloved. Fans will fully appreciate this fantastic entry as five decades into the future Eve methodically step by step conducts her investigation. Eve is powerful woman who lets nobody get away with murder

Harriet Klausner