Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Evil Without a Face-Jordan Dane

Evil Without a Face
Jordan Dane
Avon, Feb 2009, $7.99
ISBN 9780061474125

The only gun Chicago bounty hunter Jessica Beckett handles and sleeps with is her Colt Python. Men mean nothing to her except as skippers to bring to justice. Males are all lowlifes, but the name Lucas Baker is one that brings out the passion in the usually deadly stoic Jessica; she is after this child abuser hoping for the opportunity to see him die horribly.

However her dream ends when she learns Baker was murdered. Jessica finds out the malevolent malefactor was intimately involved with the international human trafficking group, Globe Harvest. The CPD detectives make Jess a prime suspect, but now she is on the hunt for a missing teenage girl whom she fears Globe Harvest has abducted. Former NFL quarterback Payton Archer swore to his sister he would find his seventeen year old kidnapped niece Nikki Archer. To do that he must persuade the female lone wolf to let him team with her.

This exhilarating romantic suspense thriller takes readers to Alaska and occasionally Russia on a non stop action-packed tour. Payton is a terrific character as he is used to manning the lead role of calling the shots, but instead this time must protect the quarterback in order to bring his niece to safety. Jess makes the tale fresh with her female hard-ass attitude that at all times insists on sacking the enemy (including all males), which enables her to keep men from blitzing her heart. Readers will appreciate EVIL WITHOUT A FACE as the quarterback and the bounty hunter know the rescue comes first followed by capturing the malevolent villains and at the rear their attraction to one another.

Harriet Klasuner