Friday, April 17, 2009

Gold of Kings-Davis Bunn

Gold of Kings
Davis Bunn
Howard (Touchstone), May 12 2009, $24.00
ISBN: 9781416556312

In Palm Beach Sean Syrrell owner of Syrrell’s Galleries knows that killers are after him; this is why he suddenly fires his beloved granddaughter Storm. He proves right the hard way when someone snuck into his basement of Steinway’s and sprayed him with a toxin that killed him. Shortly after his death, events he anticipated and planned for resulted in the release from a Barbados prison of treasure hunter Harry Bennett. His instructions include protecting Storm, who has found some interesting odd items in her grandfather’s safe deposit box. Combined with what Harry knows, they conclude Sean has sent them treasure clues from the grave.

When ancient Jewish historian Josephus’ Copper Scroll of Qumron is found in Israel; it includes a list of Temple treasures not previously seen on Titus’ Roman arch. They are joined by US Treasury agent and INTERPOL agent Emma Webb on a quest to find the GOLD OF KINGS even as governments, religious groups, and others try to prevent their success any way they can including assassination if need be.

GOLD OF KINGS is a seat of your pants thriller mindful of Indiana Jones; filled with false leads and non stop action, readers will enjoy the escapades of the lead trio as survival is not enough any longer with each having a touch of biblical gold fever. Since the threesome quickly learns friends prove false, they trust no one except the “guiding” spirit of Sean who each feels is with them somehow as everyone else has an agenda. That agenda is a key ingredient to the plot with some wanting to claim the treasure and others wanting it destroyed before it becomes publicly known. Fans will enjoy joining the global treasure hunt for the Temple’s gold.

Harriet Klausner