Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Price of Sanctuary-Gaylon Greer

The Price of Sanctuary
Gaylon Greer
Medallion, Jun 1 2009, $24.95
ISBN 9781605420585

History professor Shelby Le Cervoisier is forced to get involved in a mission for the U.S. Caribbean Basin Task Force in Haiti. However, the task falls apart and she is raped before she manages apparently to kill her assailants, complete her mission, and escape. Shelby accompanied by her younger sister Carmen flees for the states.

Her contact with the U.S. Caribbean Basin Task Force cannot allow a loose end that could point back to a rogue operation so two assassins are sent to kill Shelby and anyone else as collateral damage is authorized. Vlad the Impaler heads to Arizona while Hank Perkins travels to Arkansas, the two likely spots Shelby would run back to. Hank catches up to her and decides she is an innocent who should not die. He takes her to a farm in Colorado knowing Vlad is coming for her and will gladly kill Hank too.

Fast-paced from the moment the plane from Haiti lands in Homeland, Florida and never slowing down, thriller fans will enjoy THE PRICE OF SANCTUARY. The two assassins are yin and yang as the sisters are fortunate who first finds them. Ironically Hank actually describes the major detractor when he (and readers) wonders how an upper class academia could do what she did in Haiti (not explained) especially compounded by what happened to her when she is captured at the onset of the mission. Still fans will enjoy the High Noon battle between two federally paid hitmen.

Harriet Klausner