Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Name to a Face-Robert Goddard

Name to a Face
Robert Goddard
Delta, Jun 23 2009, $15.99
ISBN: 9780385342179

Eight years ago, landscaper Tim Harding moved to Monte Carlo following the death of his wife. His best client is Barney Tozer, who has given him investment advice. When Barney’s Uncle Gabriel dies, he asks Tim to do him a favor that he will be greatly compensated for. He wants Tim to go Cornwall where his uncle died and has placed his estate in auction. There he wants Tim to bid on a ring that he swears Gabriel stole from his father. Tim reluctantly agrees as he feels guilty over having an affair with Carol, the wife of his benefactor.

Tim tries to do his assignment only, but is stunned with the drowning death of journalist Kerry Foxton who looks like Hayley Winter whom he met at the Tozer family home. He also learns the ring is gone; someone stole it before he could bid on it. As he begins to dig deeper, Tim begins to learn the tragic lethal centuries of history of the ring.

Filled with the usual Robert Goddard zillion twists and spins that never let the reader or Harding settle back into a comfort zone, NAME TO A FACE is an exhilarating suspense thriller. The story line in some ways feels like a seven day tour with Sunday being Monte Carlo, Monday in Cornwall, Tuesday in the Scilly Isles, etc. Although Harding is not an engaging “hero”, fans will be hooked just like he is wondering what is going on and whether what has happened remains plausible. This is another terrific tale as Mr. Goddard keeps the tension high throughout.
Harriet Klausner