Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silent Truth-

Silent Truth
Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
Pocket, Apr 20 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9781416597452

Bureau of American Defense operative Hunter Thornton-Payne has been a dedicated warrior since he joined the black ops squad. However he also has a personal vendetta, which the karabiner he carries with him always reminds him of. For four years ever since his newly married friend Eliot died on a mission off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii, he has hunted the killer; at the same time he avoids Eliot’s wife Cynthia and their son, unborn when he died.

Hunter attends a women’s shelter in Chicago as apparently a terrorist group to include Eliot’s killer plans to be there also. At the gala is investigative reporter Abbie Blanton who Hunter knew during his affluent social days. When her mother becomes critically ill following a visit to the women's center, Abbie investigates. However, neither she nor Hunter expected to run into each other and to be on the run from some bad dudes.

The latest BAD thriller (see Whispered Lies and Phantom in the Night) is a high octane romantic suspense starring two people who after each went rogue unites to elude danger. The story line is razor thin and takes abrupt leaps, but is fun to follow as Hunter fears love even before his best friend died, which accentuated his belief that operatives don’t marry, but Abbie has him crazy with desire even with danger engulfing them.

Harriet Klausner

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