Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skein of the Crime-Maggie Sefton

Skein of the Crime
Maggie Sefton
Berkley, Jun 2010, $24.95
ISBN: 978042523438

She used to work at an East Coast CPA firm, but moved to the university town of Fort Connor where she opened up her own consulting service. She comes home one night and opens her patio door to let her Rottweiler Carl in when she sees a young woman nearby. When she speaks to her, the woman fails to respond or react to her surroundings. It is rather quickly that Kelly realizes the college student is very high; she calls 911 and the responders take the female away by ambulance.

A month later Kelly goes to the knitting store in the House of Lampspun to help the proprietor. Also there is Holly, the girl on the porch, who is sober and no longer attends so many parties. A few days later, Kelly hears that Holly died of an overdose near the path to the golf course by Kelly's home. Holly’s boyfriend Tommy, who she was dependent on, is upset and intends to find the seller. His mother begs him not to get involved because he can lose his medical scholarship. Kelly volunteers to snoop and keep Tommy informed. She asks Patty, a party girl, who was friends with Holly, to ask around to find out who was selling. Kelly follows up with each clue Polly provides and her own questioning of others until she concludes that Holly did not die from an accidental overdose; but to prove it remains seemingly out of reach.

The readers will quickly be engaged in Maggie Sefton’s latest amateur sleuth (see Drop Dead Stitch) due to the plight of the college student. Putting aside why Kelly investigates, she conducts a believable inquiry when she asks questions by having someone accompany her when she interviews someone. Enhancing the story line is the deteriorating relationship between Kelly and her boyfriend Steve the architect. Readers will enjoy the latest case as the protagonist knits together the death of a college student.

Harriet Klausner

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