Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wrecked-Carol Higgins Clark

Carol Higgins Clark
Scribner, Apr 13 2010, $25.00
ISBN: 9781439170250

It is the first anniversary of the marriage between Regan and Jack Reilly. They plan to celebrate the weekend at his family’s Cape Cod home. The pair look forward to quality time together as Jack is the head of the Boston PD Major Crime Squad and Regan is a busy private investigator.

Their quiet weekend turns to hell when a brutal storm hits the Cape and their handyman finds the unconscious body of Adele Hopkins. Skip rushes over to ask Regan and Jack for help. The trio returns to the spot where he found Adele, but her body is gone. They fear Adele is lost at sea as the flood waters rushed ashore. While they seek the next of kin, they are stunned that Adele’s rental place has no trace of her. The owners Jan and Dannie Carpenter did not know who Adele was nor have any information about her. As various people try to learn who she is and who should they notify about her death, they along with the Reilly pair remain blind to the fact she is alive and held prisoner by a psychopath who demands she perform a function for him, but Adele has no idea what her kidnapper wants.

Although needing a loving respite, the married couple easily falls back into their professional roles as they seek information on the mysterious Adele, but he is treated by his family’s neighbors as just a Reilly while she is distrusted by the eccentric Cape Cod clans. Their mini second honeymoon vacation is distracted by their inquiries into a reclusive woman. Readers will enjoy their latest escapades into the life of a missing woman mystery wrapped inside a community drama as Carol Higgins Clark provides an exhilarating investigative thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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