Friday, July 6, 2012

Buried on Avenue B-Peter de Jonge

Buried on Avenue B

Peter de Jonge

Harper, Jul 24 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780061373558

In 2006 in New York City, home health care provider Paulette Williamson informs the police that her current patient and a former junkie Gus Henderson confessed to her that he murdered his partner Charles Faulk seventeen years ago. Furthermore, he said he buried Faulk in the community at 6th Street and Avenue B.

Though the confession is muddled by Gus suffering from Alzheimer’s, NYPD Manhattan South Detective Darlene O'Hara digs up the plot where she finds the remains of a male tweener recently shot with a .22 in the shoulder who died from blood loss before being buried here. O'Hara places the bullet specs on the national law enforcement database; Sarasota PD Connie Wawrinka notifies O’Hara that she has a match; octogenarian Longboat Key resident Benjamin Levin used the rifle to blow out his brains six months ago. They team up trying to find the answer to how a body in the East Village connects to a death in the Gulf-Sarasota Bay.

The latest O'Hara police procedural (see Shadows Still Remain) is a great mystery starring two kick butt females. O’Hara makes the fast-paced storyline work whether she is drinking with her mostly male peers, worrying about her son, or working the strange case with an in your face partner who does not hide her sexual preference. This tale of two women cops entertains fans as we wonder what connects Buried on Avenue B with Longboat Key besides the weapon.

Harriet Klausner

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