Friday, July 13, 2012

No Way to Kill a Lady-Nancy Martin

No Way to Kill a Lady

Nancy Martin

NAL, Aug 7 2012, $23.95

ISBN: 9780451237057

Society columnist Nora Blackbird knows why she is a former debutante as to be deb status besides ties back to the colonials means money and her finances lack the prerequisite. Still she feels pretty good that she has turned around her life though she is concerned about her two sisters; Libby is a sex scandal waiting to happen and Emma is pregnant refusing to identify the father. Nora also worries about her BFF Lexie who is in jail and her Mafia lover Mick Abruzzo who is serving house arrest time on her family farm and is running some sort of racket from there.

Still the three Blackbirds inherit Quintain from their late great-Aunt Madeleine, who died in Indonesia during a volcanic eruption. Upon arrival expecting a treasure trove they find a dump with seemingly nothing of value; Nora is especially disappointed as she and her aunt were close so she knew what was once there. The trio also discovers one more undesirable item, the remains of a body who apparently died at Quintain years ago. Feeling she owes Madeleine, Nora investigates but is impeded by cousin Sutherland Blackbird and lawyer Simon Groatley.

This is the usual zany Blackbird sisters’ amateur sleuth (see Murder Melts In Your Mouth) as each clue leads to more madcap adventures for fearless leader Nora and her two assistants. Fast-paced, the three siblings make the tale as Emma is always hungry while eating for one and a half; Libby flirts outrageously with Sheriff’s Deputy Foley; and Nora groans as the estate owes twenty years in back taxes as well as the need of massive renovation. Fans will enjoy the amusing antics as the trio investigates the murder and the estate neglect.

Harriet Klausner

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