Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Death in C Minor-Rebecca Yount

Death in C Minor

Rebecca Yount

Rebecca Yount, Jun 15 2012

Amazon Digital Services - ASIN: B008BY13RQ; ISBN: 9781467514996

Her World Bank administrator husband left renowned concert pianist Jessica Beaumont for his Swedish secretary. Soon after that a hit and run driver killed her ten years old son Boyd. Emotionally, unable to perform on stage she skipped shows and attempted suicide. Needing to escape, Jess rents a cottage from the Stanhopes in Kenwick, Essex while the professor teaches at Harvard. When Jess meets Adam Marr, heir to the local earldom, they begin a tryst.

One year ago someone hacked to death Peter Chandler in his home in Kenwick. Jess asks the Fish and Chips gang about the homicide, but they refuse to talk about it. Meanwhile New Scotland Yard Cold Case Detective Inspector Mick Chandra and his only teammate Detective Sergeant Elizabeth Chang reopen the case. He heads to Kenwick hoping to stay at the Stanhope house like he did last year. When Jess and Mick meet, each feels the attraction that neither wants but both needs after their previous marriages ended in divorce. As they fall in love, he works the case while she finds a key clue that has the killer preparing to eliminate the nosy Yank.

This is an exciting romantic police procedural starring two wonderful characters reeling from failed marriages and separation from their children (her son is dead and his son lives with his ex in another city). The inquiry is engaging though I doubt a cop would answer a civilian’s series of questions about a murder case. With a strong support cast of wealthy Brits, an entertaining whodunit, and the healing power of love supported by Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata in the background make for an enjoyable character driven drama.

Harriet Klausner

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