Monday, June 2, 2014

Cover-Up-R. L. Hayden


R. L. Hayden

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan 26 2014, $16.00

ISBN: 9781495326110


While waiting for an alien autopsy film to arrive for them to authenticate or more likely debunk, Real Saucer magazine reporters Rick Prescott and Beth Ringold, accompanied by psychic Sarina Lake, are in Roswell visiting the alleged crash site.  While Beth is bitchy skeptical, Rick encourages Sarina to use her special skills.  The trio meets Roswell Space Museum curator and college professor Layne Gunther who joins their team.  The quartet finds a Prince Albert tobacco tin with a piece of paper dated 1947 inside, and also notice pillars that hint at a crash site.  When armed commo dudes arrive, they flee Roswell for Albuquerque where Rick’s eccentric longtime friend Lawrence Harvey provides them assistance. 


When they prove the autopsy film false; the team splits into pairs (Beth with Layne, and Sarina with Rick) in search of the person responsible for the super movie hoax while Lawrence serves as command central.  Sarina and Rick find the filmmaker in New Mexico, but he refuses to speak to them; instead he needs to flee for his life from government sanctioned hit squads.  In spite of the peril, Rick and Sarina fall in love while struggling to understand Roswell and two other less publicized Land of Enchantment locations.


The first Rick Prescott Paranormal Thriller is an exhilarating investigation that offers a delightful theory as to a Federal Cover-Up still enforced over six decades later with deadly force.  Although the action-packed storyline feels too long with two climaxes, this also enables R. L. Hayden to develop a fascinating brilliant sleight of hand twist to Roswell.  Fans will appreciate this super look at what occurred and as important what did not in 1947 New Mexico.


Harriet Klausner

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