Sunday, June 1, 2014

Suspicion-Joseph Finder

Suspicion Joseph Finder Dutton, May 27 2014, $27.95 ISBN 9780525954606 In Boston, teenage BFFs Abby Goodman and Jenna Galvin attend the elite Lyman Academy. However, Abby’s dad Danny struggles with meeting the exorbitant tuition. Though it breaks his heart the financially strapped author knows he must take his daughter out of the school she loves. Jenna’s affluent dad Thomas learns of the Goodman plight and does not want the only friend of his loner daughter leaving their school; thus he provides a no-string $50,000 to Danny. His euphoria ends when the Feds visit Danny claiming Thomas Galvin makes his money as an agent of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel. The Feds give Danny a choice between jail and a hefty fine for accepting illegal drug money and abetting a cartel, or being their undercover operative to bring down Thomas. This is a powerhouse suspenseful thriller with major plausible twists and a deep cast regardless of age, ethnicity or vocation held together by the two fathers especially Danny. Readers will root for the beleaguered everyman Danny; as he struggles between the vicious take no prisoners Feds, the violent leave no survivors cartel, a killing at any cost psychopathic Mexican and the kindness of Thomas; while forced to hide what is going on from his loved ones as he tries to do the right thing for his family though has no idea how to survive this trauma. Harriet Klausner

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