Friday, June 13, 2014

What Lies Beneath-Sarah Rayne

What Lies Beneath

Sarah Rayne

Felony & Mayhem, Jun 7 2014, $14.95

ISBN: 9781937384678


While at the deli in Bramley, Ella Haywood learns that the government considers the “Poisoned Village” safe for humans to enter for the first time in decades.  Fifty years ago during the heat of the Cold War, the government evacuated nearby Priors Bramley; turning the tiny village into a chemical warfare test site. 


Shocked and fearing exposure for the crime they committed in Priors Bramley, Ella reflects back to when she and her childhood friends Clementine Poulter and Veronica Campion snuck into the forbidden zone just before a plane was schedule to dump Geranos compound on the village.  Wandering around the empty streets, the three young girls were frightened to meet a mutilated person.  Panicking the trio kills him unaware that prior to WWI, this village had another haunting experience at Cadence Manor.


What Lies Beneath is an exhilarating thriller in which three decades come together in an eerie drama as what happened in 1912 and the scary real concept of deliberate destruction of a village as part of weapons testing tie together with the reopening.  Readers will hear the music playing in the background as Sarah Rayne provides her audience with a super haunting tale.


Harriet Klausner

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