Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hell’s Gate-Stephen Frey

Hell’s Gate
Stephen Frey
Atria, Aug 18 2009, $$25.00
ISBN: 9781416549659

Powerhouse litigator thirty-five year old Hunter Lee of Manhattan’s based Warfield & Stone is in Bozeman, Montana seeking a settlement for his clients from Bridger Railroad. He claims they did not take care of the tracks and as a result an accident released poisonous gas that blinded in one eye in two children. He wins a large amount of money for his clients, but at the moment of his greatest triumph, he is served with divorce papers. Hunter is stunned to learn his wife cheated on him with the one man in New York he trusted. Disgusted he leaves the Big Apple for Fort Mason, Montana home of his brother Strat.

His sibling informs Hunter that lately there have been too many fires that turned into infernos and he believes they are deliberately set so that someone is making a hell of a profit as putting out blazes costs money. Hunter is concerned for his brother who seems in deep with investigating something that is dangerous especially with no evidence to back his claim. The lawyer meets several interested people including a senator, a businessman, and a woman he likes, but soon realizes everyone has an agenda hidden about the fires.

Stephen Frey, known for his fast-paced financial thrillers, turns 180 degrees into a more typical suspense tale that his fans will still enjoy. The hero’s trust in people is shattered after the betrayal with only his brother as a person he can be rely on to have his back. He comes to town and quickly thinks Paradise but revises that to paradise lost as he now knows he has entered HELL’S GATE; with the infernos getting increasingly dangerous and the residents of this Eden obvious to him are keeping secrets. Hunter becomes a crusader with a belief in doing the right thing though the cost can be lethal. Still he is an everyman getting involved and by trying he becomes a superman even if he fails. Fans will appreciate Mr. Frey’s latest venture as every man can become a super man if they only go for it.

Harriet Klausner