Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Second Sight-George D. Shuman

Second Sight
George D. Shuman
Simon & Schuster, Aug 4 2009, $25.00
ISBN: 9781416599791

In 1950, Thomas J. Monahan was just a kid when he was drafted to go to Korea; the horrors he saw there made him believe he would never get out of there alive. During a battle, a government man offered him a deal. If he comes to America for some experiments for six months he will be honorably discharged from the army. He accepted and was sent to an underground facility in New York’s pristine Catskill Mountains.

Blind psychic Sherry Moore has no memories before she turned five. When she touches a cadaver, she “sees” the last memories of the deceased. After being exposed to radioactive material, she touches the corpse of Thomas J. Monahan, but something different happens this time. Sherry can actually see and being grateful she wants to find his family to thank them for what their son did in death. Her actions bring her to the attention of the people who created Area 17 where Thomas and other soldiers was located underground. They need to silence Sherry without being seen.

The return of strong willed courageous blind psychic Sherry Moore (see LOST GIRLS and LAST BREATH) is a terrific thriller as the heroine is suffering yet healing from radioactive poisoning. She and readers begin to learn what happened in Area 17 as she knows they are coming for her. SECOND SIGHT is a fascinating read with its Korean Police Action connection as George Shuman provides perhaps his best tale to date with fans wanting more Moore.

Harriet Klausner