Friday, June 12, 2009

Run To Me-Christy Reece

Run To Me
Christy Reece
Ballantine, Jun 23 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780345505446

Filled with guilt Ethan Bishop quit Last Chance Rescue (LCR) when an operation he led left teammate Cole Mathison dead. However, when Noah McCall, head of the private international LCR, tells Ethan that he needs him on a special mission that he trusts only Bishop to perform, he agrees to return for one last assignment. Evidence supports that Cole's widow, Shea Monroe has joined the enemy.

Infamous felon Donald Rosemount had Shea abducted. He gave her a drug mix that erases a person’s memory and personality traits sort of like an etch-o-sketch. Now the martinet master is ordering her to carry out his projects. Ethan recaptures the woman he cherishes, but fears Shea will never be the same; still his love for her demands he not quit on her.

The exciting third LCR romantic suspense (see RETURN TO ME and RESCUE ME) is even darker and grittier than the previous two entries, which is saying a lot as the lead characters in all three “me” tales have had horrific experiences. The story line is owned by Shea, a victim of total control that goes beyond brainwashing into a frightening zombie like obedience. Whereas she is unique, Ethan is similar in outlook as for instance Noah is; which makes the tale even stronger as he is passionate about his feelings of remorse re Cole, love for Shea, and a craving to destroy Ethan for what he did to his beloved. Another terrific thriller that fans will relish.

Harriet Klausner