Thursday, November 4, 2010

Drop Dead Divas-Virginia Brown

Drop Dead Divas
Virginia Brown
Bell Bridge Books, Sep 13 2010, $14.95
ISBN: 9781935661962

The dozen Dixie Divas travel from their hometown of Cherryhill, Mississippi to visit historical Holly Springs to help a fellow spirit in trouble with the law. Notorious back home for their misadventures caused they insist by mixing chocolate with alcohol, the stiletto heeled aging southern-belles are musketeers with one for all and all for one. In spite of “Bitty” Truevine shouting in a public cafĂ© where gossip roams faster than Twitter that the slut needs to be strangled, the sisterhood posses come to the aid of bad girl Naomi Spencer, who’s in trouble with the law.

Led by the Truevine siblings, "Trinket" and Bitty, the crew plans to take the town by storm by trying to prove Naomi is innocent of murdering her fiancé, drag racing superstar Race Champion. Naomi swears she has done a lot of questionable things in her life, but being a slut does not include homicide of especially someone she relishes going around the track with her style. However, even before the dozen can drink a ton of martinis, someone kills Naomi. The Divas investigate the two homicides while turning upside down the town of Holly Springs.

Having solved one mystery (see The Dixie Divas), the amateur sleuth crew feels invincible as each of them believes they are a cross between Steel Magnolias and Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman. Amusing and eccentric, readers who enjoy a lighthearted regional murder mystery will want to accompany the dirty dozen as they investigate two murders upsetting everyone in their path including a killer, sip martinis, and chow on chocolate.

Harriet Klausner

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