Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Possession-Rene Gutteridge

Rene Gutteridge
Tyndale, Jan 1 2011, $12.99
ISBN: 9781414324340

Montgomery County police detective Vance Graegan worked the infamous DC Sniper case diligently. However, each new murder of an innocent ripped at his gut. Now that the serial killers are caught, Vance knows he suffers from Post traumatic Stress Disorder. With his mental health shaky at best and feeling distant from his family, he decides that they need to start over; his wife Lindy agrees with his assessment to save the marriage.

Vance and his wife Lindy accompanied by their young son Connor move across the country to California where they plan to open up a deli. While Lindy moves ahead to find them a home, Vance stops in Chicago to see his old friend Erin. The move proves complicated by the moving company demanding higher fees before delivering their goods. As they face more violence, what Vance has held inside him that Lindy saw in his eyes begins to eat at his soul again.

Filled with super spins and terrific twists enhanced by an underlying message that you have to have faith to move mountains as Connor insists, readers will relish this strong character driven inspirational thriller. Fast-paced once the Graegan family begins to relocate after using the DC Sniper as a catalyst, this action-packed story line never slows down until the final confrontation is over. Rene Gutteridge provides a taut family drama that grips the souls of readers.

Harriet Klausner

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