Monday, November 15, 2010

Strategic Moves-Stuart Woods

Strategic Moves
Stuart Woods
Putnam, Jan 18 2011, $25.95
ISBN: 9780399157110

In Manhattan attorney Stone Barrington goes to dine at his usual spot Elaine's with his former NYPD partner Dino Bachetti and his boss Bill Eggers managing partner at Woodman & Weld law firm arrives. His efforts leads to Bill giving Stone a check for one million dollars for bringing in a new client Strategic Services whose founder Hackett was murdered by British Intel agents in Maine with Barrington at his side. Apparently Stone's undercover work with British MI6 has brought in the new customer while Eggers says he may nominate Stone for a full partnership next year.

The CIA asks Stone to help escort from Spain to the States fugitive Erwin Gelbhardt. Stone becomes Gelbhardt’s lawyer. He offers a deal with the Feds; in exchange for a lesser or no sentencing, his client will reveal where Osama bin Laden hides. Then there is Freeman of Strategic Services who may be running a Madoff scheme.

Putting aside background plausibility that is over the top of the Empire State Building starting with ignoring the on-line media presence, fans of the Barrington saga will enjoy his latest entry. Being “of counsel” he works cases for the company in which W&W do not want the DNA trail leading back to them and this time has a couple of deadly doozies. Fans will enjoy Stone’s version of a legal thriller as the action never slows from the start with M16 in the background to the finish with the FBI in the forefront.

Harriet Klausner

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