Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Knot Artist-India Wilson

The Knot Artist
India Wilson
Lightning Strikes Press, Oct 2010, $19.95
ISBN: 9780982958513

She knows she is numero uno with affluent clients who satiate their bondage fetish by paying big bucks in cash to enter her dungeon in the Hamptons. Besides the money that enables her to reside in a large Manhattan loft, Dominique loves recognition as a Goddess worshiped by men whose adulation makes her the most desired dominatrix on the East Coast.

Her clients include Connecticut CEO Fred “pretty girl” Naughton and US Senator from Maryland Thomas Milliam who increasingly demands more from Dominique. When Milliam stops breathing while knotted to the St. Andrews cross, CPR fails and Dominique panics. She fears for his legacy and the cops accepting his being her willingly sex slave. As his death brings his world of intrigue especially with Cuba into her dungeon, Milliam’s security expert Reynolds Graham helps her navigate the dangerous international tsunami; but he is also a peril to her heart.

This is a fascinating timely erotic political thriller that goes deep into the S&M fetish world in which men of power pay large amounts of money to be a Sub to a discreet Dom. The key to this entertaining tale that twists from the dungeon to political intrigue is that India Wilson avoids moral condemnation of the BDSM crowd. The fast-paced story line is at its best when entering the dungeon and India’s panic over what to do. Her past with her sister enhances the erotic elements as the audience learns how Dominique got to where she is. Although the spin into a taut international political intrigue subplot adds plenty of well-written suspense, this also takes the audience away from the thrilling visits to the dungeon.

Harriet Klausner

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