Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nightwoods-Charles Frazier


Charles Frazier

Random House, Sep 27 2011, $26.00

ISBN: 9781400067091

Luce is a lonely woman who does not own the once luxurious but now abandoned North Carolina rustic Lodge where she has lived for three years by herself as its caretaker. With the death of elderly owner Stubblefield, she is not sure whether her late employer’s worthless grandson will allow her to stay on at the Lodge.

Luce has other problems with the recent murder of her sister Lily. She has no time for grief as the State has taken Lily’s fraternal twin children to her since their stepdad stands trial for killing their mom. Luce has no idea how to deal with her grief stricken niece (Dolores) and nephew (Frank) especially since both are mute and out of control. Still she finds some solace in helping them adjust from arsonist wild animals to human kids. However, she is unaware that her brother-in-law Bud, acquitted of murdering his wife, is coming seeking hidden money he plans to find at any cost to others even his stepchildren. Nor does she know someone else is coming up the mountain with plans for the Lodge.

Nightwoods is a fast-paced character driven suspense thriller. The story line is superb when the focus is inside the minds of the three grievers at the Lodge. The plot loses some momentum of the anticipated confrontation when the protagonists speak like English Lit professors seeking a metaphor. Still this is a terrific tale as three lonely people struggle with the murder of the connecting loved one while the killer is coming.

Harriet Klausner

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Micaella Lopez said...

I absolutely love this book. It is such a great story and so well written. I am still thinking about the characters two months later. I think it would make a wonderful movie, but I would hate for someone do to this book what was done when the movie was made of "Cold Mountain," which was also written by Charles Frazier. I got this book originally from the library and thought it was so good that I ordered a copy to have of my own.
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