Monday, September 19, 2011

Razor's Edge-Shannon Butcher

Razor's Edge

Shannon Butcher

Signet, Nov 1 2011, $7.99

ISBN 9780451235206

Mr. Chord of Chord Industries believes his newest employee Mary Smith is a thief. He hires Roxanne "Razor" Haught to prove Miss Innocent is an industrial espionage agent. Roxanne has Mr. Chord throw a party in which the target knows his firm’s plans for their latest invention is in his safe. The corporate security expert watches Mary steal Chord’s key card before catching Mary in the act. After a brief denial, Mary flings the thumb drive out the window and battles Roxanne before being subdued. The other thief escapes.

Roxanne’s boss Bella Payne of Edge tells her the client is pissed that they failed to capture the other thief. Roxanne apologizes for her failure to recognize more than one thief was involved and admits her ex has distracted her with men following her. Bella tells Roxanne she is off the Chord case and anything else until her civilian life is fixed. She also will have a babysitter Tanner O'Connell who ignores Razor's contention she does not need a protector. As they fall in love, someone else she cherishes is in trouble while killers attack her.

The second Edge investigative thriller (see Living on the Edge) is a tense tale from start to finish. Fast-paved and loaded with action, the suspense never abates even for the attraction between the lead couple or for a family reunion. With a strong flawed lead couple, a vile villain with a cause, and a solid support cast especially her friend Jake and his brother Reid, Shannon Butcher once again proves she is consistently one of the best at romantic suspense with her emphasis on the taut thriller story line.

Harriet Klausner

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