Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman’s Work-Keisha Starr, Tysha, LaKesa Cox and Monique S. Hall

Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman’s Work

Keisha Starr, Tysha, LaKesa Cox and Monique S. Hall

One World/Ballantine, Sep 20 2011, $14.00

ISBN: 9780345504302

“Dying to Be A Star” by Keisha Starr. Pastor Earl James and his wife Sister Patricia run a strict Christian home that stifles their teenage daughter Melissa. When they catch her in a lie, they kick their daughter out of their Pennsylvania home. She and the other performers in the R&B group Pretty in Pink head to Atlanta where she lives a fast life.

“Money, Stilettos and Disrespect” by Tysha. In Youngstown, three punks rape, torture and slowly kill Mama Bev. Her daughter Aisha wants revenge so her adopted sister Kayla arranges for her boyfriend, C-Lock to set in motion an eye for an eye.

“Southern Girls Escort Service” by LaKesa Cox. In Richmond, someone kills Southern Girl’s Escort Service’s most popular female Abie. Her best friend Rachida wants to avenge her late mentor’s death. Her inquiry will either lead to her death, a killer or both.

“Ms. G-Stacks” by Monique S. Hall. Atlanta Detective Morgan arrests “G-Stacks” on a gun possession charge; a parole violation with a mandatory five years. G-Stacks’ boss bitch Taylor plans to get her man released. She works Morgan like a virtuoso and she and her friend Jetta uncover a betrayal inside the gang.

These four thrilling street-lit tales star strong females whose value system seems to differ from the acceptable norm yet actually contain the same traits like loyalty to loved ones with an understanding that A Woman’s Work is never done protecting those they cherish from their street enemies. The stars are surprisingly developed considering the novella format as they kick butt in a quartet of super street survival stories.

Harriet Klausner

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