Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Picture of Lies-C.C. Harrison

Picture of Lies

C.C. Harrison

Five Star, Oct 21 2011, $25.95

ISBN: 9781432825065

Ever since her little girl Daisy was snatched on the San Diego beach, investigative reporter Keegan Thomas lives in a world of anger, rage and depression. The cops declared the abduction a cold case, but not to Keegan. The Offbeat Arizona magazine writer has gained numerous awards and national attention with her series on missing children; five of whom went home.

Her relationship with Jeffrey over, but still on vacation, Keegan decides to visit Monument Valley where her grandfather was a Bureau of Indian Affairs doctor on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Her cousin gave her an old photo of her grandfather with other people who she plans to meet and interview for a potential article.

The Navaho refuse to cooperate with the “Nosy Pants” reporter; who wants to chat with any of those in the photo still living. Jilly Wolf introduces the journalist to her grandmother. Keegan learns that missionaries took one of the children in the picture. Soon afterward someone murders Jilly's grandmother. Not sure why, Keegan knows an unknown predator will kill apparently to keep buried secrets interred. With assistance from archeologist Dante “Shovel Bum” Covelli, she begins to learn why but she may be the next victim silenced by those who want the truth to remain hidden.

The entertaining return to Monument Valley (see The Charmstone) with a different heroine is an engaging romantic suspense thriller that once again includes a deep look at Navajo customs and recent history. Keegan is a fascinating lead who has never been the same since the traumatic abduction. Although somewhat over the top of Kings Peak, fans will relish a dedicated no longer whole heroine trying to do what is right for the little victims of family disputes.

Harriet Klausner

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