Friday, May 18, 2012

Ice Cap-Chris Knopf

Ice Cap

Chris Knopf

Minotaur, Jun 5, 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9781250005175

During a blizzard, Franklin Delano Raffini calls his Southampton, Long Island attorney Jackie Swaitkowski to hurry over. Raffini served three years for killing Donald Pritz, husband of his lover Eliz; the widow earned 7.5 million in insurance from her spouse’s death.

The latest Raffini dead body is Tad Buczek who outraged his neighbors when he built eyesore monstrous Metal Madness. Police detective Joe Sullivan is outraged that the former banker turned convict had the audacity to move the body of the spouse of his mistress Katarzina Buczek, a much younger mail-order bride. The evidence points to Raffini, who will have a difficult time claiming self-defense as he did with the first case. While the DA goes for second degree, Jackie works the defense by questioning those close to Buczek; who the lawyer knows because they are the extended family of her late husband Pete, his mother Paulina Swaitkowski, his Aunt (Tad's sister) Salina Lumsden and her husband Freddy.

The latest Swaitkowski thriller (see Short Squeeze and Bad Bird) is a zany jocular whodunit. The support cast enhances either the inquiry or the quirkiness as the heroine is ably assisted by her boyfriend Harry, Sam the carpenter (see Hard Stop and Black Swan), and computer guru Randall while the Polish connection complicate the case.

Harriet Klausner

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