Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When the Past Haunts You-L.C. Hayden

When the Past Haunts You

L.C. Hayden

CreateSpace, Feb 19 2012, $10.00

ISBN: 9781470074791

Carol Bronson lectures her husband of thirty-one years for keeping a secret from her. The retired Dallas cop never told her he has a sister Lorraine who just called. He explains to his spouse that his sibling informed him and their parents she wanted nothing to do with them and left without a second glance back. Harry wants nothing to do with Lorraine and deletes her increasingly desperate calls as he remembers how she blew pot smoke into the face of their ailing dad.

When he finally answers, she says she is in deadly trouble, cannot talk on the phone and is in Whittle City near Pittsburgh. He refuses to go there but Carol persuades him to fly from South Dakota to Pennsylvania to meet at Glacier Valley State Park where she is shot dead as she runs to him. Bronson informs lead police investigator Ivy Cannody that he is staying at the home of his former partner Mike’s ex-wife Ellen in Pittsburgh. Feeling guilty, Harry decides to find his sibling’s killer; Mike and Ellen assist him.

The latest Harry Bronson (see When Death Intervenes) is a great twisting thriller as the remorseful protagonist needs to find the murderer, but to do so means uncovering his sister’s convoluted surprising past. Action-packed but also filled with pathos, readers will relish this strong entry as Harry learns you can’t go home if you wait too long.

Harriet Klausner

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