Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Testaments-Elizabeth Musser

Two Testaments

Elizabeth Musser

David C. Cook, Jun 1 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9780781404990

In 1962, twenty-two year old Gabriella Madison remains in Castelnau, France as part of the Franco-American exchange program at the Church of Saint Joseph. She continues her work helping School Director Mother Griolet with forty-three orphans, mostly collateral damage by the Algerian War for Independence.

Her biggest struggle is that she fears for her boyfriend teacher M. David Hoffmann who has left for Marseilles on his way to Algeria to help refugees. The Mediterranean African country is on the verge of exploding as tensions (there and in France) is stratospheric. Gabriella also struggles to show Christian kindness to Anne-Marie Duchemin, David’s former girlfriend who has come to Castelnau. While she waits for David’s return Anne Marie helps with the orphans too while hoping her ex will choose her over the American. However, both rivals soon fear neither will win the David sweepstake as David is trapped inside the Algerian war for independence.

The reprint of the second Secrets of the Cross historical Christian thriller is a great tale of a young woman who still questions her faith but, proving there are no atheists in the foxhole, prays for God to protect David and the orphans. Gabriella has matured as she shows tolerance to all people regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Using the Algerian War of Independence, Elizabeth Musser provides a timely story of faith on the home front during a violent period.

Harriet Klausner

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