Thursday, May 17, 2012

In A Witch’s Wardrobe-Juliet Blackwell

In A Witch’s Wardrobe

Juliet Blackwell

Obsidian, Jul 3 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780451237477

In San Francisco Lily Ivory and Aidan Rhodes, two powerful witches, attend the Art Deco Ball at the Paramount Theater. Lily enters the women’s bathroom only to find a comatose woman on the floor and her soul caught in the mirror. Aidan warns Lily to stay out of this scenario as he will deal with the curse that separated the woman Miriam’s soul from her body.

SFPD Homicide detective Carlos Romero comes to Lily’s vintage clothing shop Aunt Cora’s to ask for her help on how Tara Dark Moon died as he expects no cooperation from the covens. Lily learns Tara and Miriam belonged to the Unseen Coven and that the witch hating group Defenders of Morality (DOM) is trashing witch’s stores. Aiden dumps the Miriam curse inquiry on Lily who obtains assistance from psychic Sailor.

The latest engaging Witchcraft Mystery (see A Castoff Coven and Hexes and Hemlines) is a wonderful paranormal amateur sleuth tale. The two inquiries are fun to follow as the heroine struggles with finding the link beyond the coven connection and her attraction to Sailor who is magically owned by roguish Aiden, a practitioner of magic that is sometimes dark. Lily’s familiar the gobgoyle hybrid gargoyle-goblin adds humor and a sense of realism to the urban fantasy setting. Fans will enjoy Lily’s magical mystery tour of San Francisco

Harriet Klausner

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