Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blood Of My Blood-Ralph Pezzullo

Blood Of My Blood

Ralph Pezzullo

Zumaya Enigma, Jun 13 2012, $12.99


ISBN: 9781612710594

Growing up in the Bronx, Smokey Annicelli and Evan Bravere were best friends who believed in the borough’s motto ne cede malis. Smokey became a cop while Evan became a Hollywood star. Evan calls Smokey to tell him he cannot take it anymore and gets a pledge from his BFF to watch over his two children Ricky and Renatta before killing himself.

Seven to eight years later, ex-cop Smokey lost contract with the kids until Ricky the rock star contacts him. Not long afterward, cop Luke Thorn sends Smokey to a Manhattan address where Ricky has nine bullets in his back. Smokey investigates the murder of his godson as he feels guilt for not adhering to his death bed pledge to his childhood best buddy.

The second Smokey Annicelli mystery (see Eve Missing) is an engaging whodunit as the remorseful resourceful protagonist follows clues that stun him as he begins to learn who is behind Ricky’s death and leads him to ponder about Evan’s suicide. At the same time, an insidious clever two-prong assault on the hero occurs in which one is overt and the other diabolically covert. Readers will enjoy this entertaining whodunit while wondering the answer to the critical question of New York City, which we natives know: why there is a “the” in the Bronx and none of the other boroughs.

Harriet Klausner

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