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The Eyes of Lira Kazan- Eva Joly and Judith Perrignon

The Eyes of Lira Kazan

Eva Joly and Judith Perrignon

Bitter Lemon, Sep 18 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781908524003

In Abuja, Nigeria, following the assassination of his friend and colleague Uche, fraud squad investigator Nwanko needs to get his wife and children out of the country. The British government offer to take him and his family safely away if Nwanko agrees to say nothing about the corrupt Nigerian government he has been investigating for the last few years. Realizing his choice is death for his loved ones and himself or keeping quiet, he agrees to leave Lagos pretending he knows nothing

In Nice, the wife of an affluent Faroese banker drowns. The police insist an accident occurred but junior prosecutor Felix thinks otherwise.

In St. Petersburg, Lira the investigative journalist understands the hazards of her pursuits and especially fears for the safety of her child. However she diligently probes the business dealings of wealthy Russian Louchsky.

These three dedicated individuals will converge in London as Nigerian oil and undercover operatives target them for elimination.

The Eyes of Lira Kazan is a powerful satire that mocks the marriage between dirty money and “values” spouting politicians. Using hyperbole, Eva Joly and Judith Perrignon insist the affluent silence the crusaders by threatening innocent family members. However the keys to this engaging crime thriller is how haunted Nwanko, Felix and Lira feel about the potential assaults on their loved ones from mercenaries and untruth spins about each of them by the dirty money crowd.

Harriet Klausner

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