Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Lawyer Standing-Douglas Corleone

Last Lawyer Standing

Douglas Corleone

Minotaur, Aug 21 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780312552282

In Honolulu, Assistant U.S. Attorneys William F. Boyd and Audra Levy offer criminal Turi Ahina a deal if he wants to avoid a long sentence for his meth lab. They expect Turi to go undercover inside the gang led by drug lord Orlando Masonet whom no one seems to have met. However, the cops arrest Turi for shooting Police Detective Kanoa Bristol. For the zillionth time, criminal defense attorney Kevin Corvelli defends Turi using the cop is corrupt as their arrack.

Running for reelection, Hawaii Governor Wade Omphrey, though not charged as he has an alibi, retains Corvelli when his mistress Oksana Sutin is found dead due to strychnine poisoning. The case remains unsolved but the damage to the Governor’s bid for a second term seems insurmountable while Corvelli assignment is persuading the cops his client did not hire hit man Lok Sun or any other pro.

The lasts Corvelli legal thriller (see Night on Fire and One Man's Paradise) is an exciting though by the book Hawaiian tale in which the protagonist paints the cops on the take while convincing the same cops whose reputation he nukes that his other client is clean. Fast-paced and filled with twists though some seem obvious; fans will enjoy this entertaining complicated mystery as cynical Corvelli works his two cases in his wisenheimer manner.

Harriet Klausner

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