Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Golden Dawn-Thomas M. Kostigen

Golden Dawn

Thomas M. Kostigen

Forge, Oct 16 2012

ISBN: 9780765329332

British News foreign correspondent Michael Shea has given accounts in some of the most dangerous locales in the world. However, his motive for reporting the hot conflicts has nothing to do with objective observations; instead it is personal. Michael hunts for his Uncle Sean O’Shaughnessy, an IRA bomber.

Aware of the End Times prophecy, Iranian President Mahmoud Talib decides the present is perfect for fulfilling the ancient doomsday. He enlists O’Shaughnessy and Chechen terrorist Alu Abramov as key elements on a deadly devious scheme to deploy nuclear weapons; his objective is Iranian world domination. To insure there is no interference against his team of killers, Talib’s assigns his best assassin Zhubin to kill Shea and his lover mystic Neda Ghazali, whose Golden Dawn sect protects the End of Times prophecy; collateral damage is expected.

Golden Dawn is an exhilarating action-packed thriller that contains too many subplots, which detracts from the fast-paced tale. Fast-paced, the lead protagonists are heroic while their adversaries 200 proof malevolent. With various corpses all over the places, diverse sexual deviant encounters everywhere and differing religious beliefs; readers will enjoy Thomas M. Kostigen’s thriller, but hope he tightens the game in his next adventure saga.

Harriet Klausner

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