Saturday, January 12, 2008

Criminal Investigation Detachment: Bamboo Battleground

Criminal Investigation Detachment: Bamboo Battleground
Don Bendell
Berkley, Oct 2007, $6.99
ISBN: 9780425216316

Al Qaeda apparently has expanded its operational base with new training facilities in the Far East. Their strategic plan is to use these bases as a jumping off point to test the resolve and strengths of America and its Pacific allies. They are getting bolder with each successful terrorist attack on American interests and are considering an assault on a West Coast city that will turn Katrina and 9/11 into minor footnotes.

US Senator James Weatherford is outraged by al Qaeda’s attacks. He demands the military prevent any further ones although he disguises his reason in patriotic generalities; in fact each incident costs Weatherford millions as he has made a fortune working the Pacific Rim. The Pentagon always salutes a member of Congress so the brass assigns US Army CID undercover officers Major Bobby Samuels and Captain Bo Devore to investigate. They begin to uncover two things: the planned al Qaeda terrorist attack on American soil and Weatherford’s questionable and probably illegal partnership with former Communists.

The third CID thriller (see CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DETACHMENT and CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DETACHMENT: BROKEN BORDERS) is an action-packed tale that has the heroes dodging assassins on two continents. The story line is action-packed as their case gets increasingly complicated and making less sense with each clue they uncover requiring out of the military crypt thinking; which is why Major Bobby and Captain Bo were assigned lead. Don Bendell has written an exhilarating anti-terrorist thriller that showcases how difficult it is to prevent an attack even with dedicated intelligent people doing their best.

Harriet Klausner

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