Friday, January 4, 2008

Symphony of Secrets-Sharon Hinck

Symphony of Secrets
Sharon Hinck
Bethany House, Feb 2008
ISBN: 9780764202827

When Amy Johnson became pregnant she dropped out Julliard to raise her child; her daughter’s father wanted nothing to do with either her or Clara. Amy moved to Minneapolis to raise her daughter, taking music teaching jobs to feed them. Her dreams of being a concert flutist are gone with some lingering regret, but her love for her now fifteen year old Clara makes it worth it.

Amy’s best friend harpist Lena tells her the Minneapolis Symphony is seeking a second seat flutist. Though extremely nervous she tries out and gets the position. As she rehearses and performs under the guidance of new conductor Peter Wilson, someone seems to be sabotaging the symphony targeting concertmaster Stefan Kronenberg. As she investigates because she loves solving a whodunit even when there are none, Amy has concerns with Clara who has committed two faux pas in her mom’s mind; she has become a cheerleader and is going to church.

Combining music with an amateur sleuth investigation and a light welcoming inspirational religious touch, readers will want to attend the symphony. The story line opens with Clara debunking her mother’s latest criminal solution and shocking her with her being a cheerleader mom. Sharon Hinck conducts a wonderful tale starring a terrific heroine, who does not want to be a cheerleader mom or attend church, but for Clara will try both.

Harriet Klausner