Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Invisible-Andrew Britton

The Invisible
Andrew Britton
Kensington, Mar 2008, $24.00
ISBN 9780758213358

Four months ago CIA Agent Naomi Kharmai ended her relationship with CIA operative Ryan Kealey. He took it bad, walking off the job to roam aimlessly around the globe. However the agency needs Ryan’s brand of service immediately; as the CIA leadership believes only his out of control lunacy can handle a particularly nasty cleaning job behind enemy lines.

His CIA handler Jonathan Harper offers the despondent agent a deal; he will present him Naomi if Kealey returns to work; Kealey accepts. Kealey is to find and take down Algerian terrorist Amari Saifi, who has kidnapped several Americans in Pakistan. As Kealey searches for his target, Saifi announces his presence by boldly abducting acting Secretary of State Brynn Fitzgerald.

In his third espionage thriller (see THE ASSASSIN and THE AMERICAN) Kealey remains out of control and fun to watch, but has lost some of his edge. Still this terrorist vs. antiterrorist High Noon tale is fast-paced and filled with action of a blow em up variety. Readers who enjoy a high octane tale will be pleased with Andrew Britton’s latest escapade though it reads too similar to his hero’s A book encounters.

Harriet Klausner